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The Art of the Weekend Away

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Meaningful travel doesn't have to take you far away, or last for weeks! Discover what is special about your own local region, and experience travel more frequently with the thoughtfully considered and executed "Weekend Away." Your next destination is closer - and sooner - than you think.

With so much to see and do close by, why not take the time to explore what's practically in your own backyard? Getting there is half the fun!

The "Big Trip" is the perpetual daydream of travelers - that next adventure somewhere new and amazing in the world, with weeks of time devoted to uncovering its charms. We all love the Big Trip! But, what happens when wanderlust calls and you don't have time to spare for a lengthy exotic vacation? That's where the "Weekend Away" comes in.

Meaningful travel is not bound by time or geography, nor is there any absence of culture to discover or adventures to be had closer to home than you might imagine possible. The Weekend Away is the perfect opportunity to keep exploring amazing experiences and creating wonderful memories between Big Trips. Taking a few free days to travel close to home keeps your curiosity and fulfillment high, and your appetite for travel whetted. It is the perfect chance to recharge your batteries and and reconnect with yourself in the midst of the stress of life as normal. When journeys large and small becomes part of your lifestyle, the benefits can be extraordinary! Here are some ideas to get you started and make the Weekend Away part of your travel lifestyle:

1. Consider the Staycation. When you look around your city, chances are you see it from the familiar perspective of a resident - the bank, the grocery store, the school, and the office are all landmarks to everyday living. Imagine, however, if you were a tourist visiting your city for the first time! What kinds of things would you do and see? Many of us haven't fully taken advantage of all the amazing opportunities our own immediate surroundings have to offer because we are so focused on the jobs, chores, and rituals of daily life that we fail to see the potential in exploring our hometowns. Check into a nice hotel in an interesting area with lots of local character and discover all your city has to offer with fresh eyes. Simply getting out of your own home for a few days will put you in vacation mode so you can enjoy getting to know your familiar environment in a whole new way!

2. If you drew a 200 mile radius around your home on a map, what would be included in that circle? You might be surprised to see that just a few hour's drive could lead you into another state, a national park, or an exciting city destination you've always been meaning to explore! It's incredible how not-very-far-away from home on a map can feel worlds away in a traveler's heart as you discover new exciting experiences to enjoy just beyond where you live.

3. What is a passion of yours? When planning a weekend away, consider choosing your destination based on its connection to something you truly love to do. Are any of your favorite musical groups touring? Plan a trip to go see them play. Or choose a golf course you've always wanted to tackle and go hit the links. Perhaps you love photography, and the perfect escape for you would be a photo safari through a beautiful and inspiring location. The possibilities are endless!

4. The United States of America is one of the most beautiful and diverse nations in the world, and we are lucky enough to live here and have access to all our country has to offer. Get inspired for a Weekend Away by choosing a quintessentially American experience, like seeing Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or the Freedom Trail in Massachusetts. Or, explore a uniquely American specialty destination that travelers from all over the world travel thousands of miles to see. Indulge your palate in Napa Valley, watch the night come alive in New Orleans, or enjoy a truly cosmopolitan experience in New York City. After all, who can say they are not tempted by the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas in all its brightness and excitement? At just a few hours away by plane, nearly all destinations inside the continental USA are perfectly suited for a quick weekend trip.

It's amazing the difference between a weekend spent as usual, and a weekend discovering something new. If travel is a special occasion, then let's make any day that special occasion! Just think, your next great vacation could be only few days away.

Kellyn Reed is the founder and CEO of Summit and Horizon Travel, specializing in curating authentic and luxurious global journeys to help you discover the very best the world has to offer. Ready to start planning your next amazing adventure? Contact us at to bring your ideal trip to life, and take advantage of our exclusive access to insider rates, perks, insights, and inclusions. We'll take care of every detail to ensure every vacation with us is your best vacation yet!


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