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My Grandmother was a world traveler. In her youth, she explored countries and continents, and she had the most astonishing collection of art pieces from everywhere she'd visited! I would spend hours looking at all those beautiful mementoes, imagining where they came from, who had made them, and what an adventure it must have been for my Grandma to experience all the excitement of the exotic destinations they represented.


I have never stopped daydreaming about discovering the world through travel; in fact, bringing those daydreams into reality it is my deepest and truest passion. My own travels have led me to dozens of countries, and each new adventure leaves me wanting more. Every amazing sight that is humbling in its beauty, every taste of a new and delicious flavor, every moment when my senses are sharpened by the excitement of adventure -  these are the moments I live for! 

Travel is an incredible joy, and the best way to celebrate joy is to share it with others. So that's what I do! I plan exceptional global journeys for travelers who crave authentic experiences curated specifically for them. Over my many years of exploring the world, I have achieved a genuine expertise and defined a discerning standard for the very best that travel can offer. I have inside knowledge and relationships around the world that allow me to access truly unique and incredible travel adventures for Summit and Horizon Travel clients, including access to special rates, exclusive perks, VIP experiences, and valuable inclusions not available to the public. And, each client has the full support of Summit and Horizon Travel before, during, and after their vacation to ensure every detail is absolutely picture perfect. Trust us with the planning, research, verification, and meticulous attention to detail - all you have to do is grab your passport and enjoy your own travel daydream come to life!

My Grandma gave me the gift of inspiring a passion that has enriched my life every day. I am so excited to spread her legacy and to get started planning your next adventure!

-Kellyn Reed, Founder and CEO

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